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The Natural Brain Refresher

“Keep your mind recharger in your pocket.


Aromapen offers you the power of aromatherapy

to awaken your senses and refresh your mind to regain alertness & focus

The fast effect is all due to the 100% natural and complex blend of essential oils.

The Aromapen is beneficial for:

   Students: During your studies and when exams require your full attention and prolonged concentraion.

     Children with ADD/ADHD also greatly benefit.

   Drivers - ARRIVE ALIVE!: When you feel tired & drowsy and there isn’t a place to stop or you simply can’t afford to stop 

     due to time constraints.

   Managers & Office Workers: When you need to stay focused in a long meeting or need to meet deadlines.

   Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women: A natural alternative for overcoming fatigue as a pregnant woman or new mom,

     when you are not supposed to take in caffeine.

   Elderly: Keep your mind clear and sharp every day.

It is safe for all ages to use, and can be seen as a "back-up" for you and your whole family.


ü  No caffeine or any artificial stimulants. For this reason doesn't make a person jittery or give heart palpitations.

ü  No side effects. It’s safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

ü  User friendly. Easy to carry anywhere, due to the ingenious, durable & compact packaging.

ü    It’s conveniently packaged in a spill free, fibre-tipped pen-like casing.

ü  You can use it as many times as needed - no possibility or danger of overdosing.

ü  Extremely economical. Usable for 12 months plus with a well closed cap.

ü    Aromapen and the packaging are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

How the Aromapen works?

Inhaling the aromatherapy combination causes a reaction in the brain that stimulates the central nervous system and increases blood circulation. Due to the gradual diffusion of the aroma oils, you may experience yawning to increase the intake of oxygen.

Directions for use:

Draw a line with the Aromapen of approximately 3 cm on the back of your hand, on a piece of paper or on clothing then directly inhale the diffusing scent 2 - 3 times. You can also simply inhale the diffusing scent directly from the tip of the Aromapen.

Effective time:

30 - 60 minutes or longer, depending on your individual sensitivity and reaction to the aromatic blend.

Initially, only a very small quantity is enough for the same effect as long or excessive exposure will not increase the effectiveness of the aromatherapy. 

Frequency and dosage of use can be adjusted to your level of tiredness, your personal needs, sensitivity and receptiveness to the aroma! 

If, the Aromapen is left without the cap within ½ meter vicinity you are still exposed to inhaling the scent, which has proven effective in prolonging the effect.

Please note that, this is not an energy giving substance but a revitalization and refreshing of your mind and senses.

The Aromapen does not replace the body’s natural needs for sleep and rest.


1.  For external use only! Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and nasal mucous membrane. Do not swallow.

2.  Keep out of reach of children!

3.  The Aromapen is not intended to be used as an air freshener.

4.  The Aromapen contents are flammable, do not expose it in the presence of an open flame or spark.

5.  Do not mix it with perfumes, fragrances; otherwise patented formula is not effective.